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Posted by Raushan Singh on 14 August 2012 05:33 AM

We are glad to inform you that we don't charge you for giving the list of candidates on the profile that your opening requires. You will be charged only if any candidate applies for your opening. It simply means we charge for our performance not for our contacts. Further, we classified our pay plan into to packages for the convenience of our member recruiters. They can choose any of these two plans which better suits them. These schemes are as described below:

Pay Per Application (PPA)

If you choose this plan, you will be charged Rs. 50 per application that will be submitted to your site by the candidates. This plan is for unlimited time and there is no any time limitation for this service. You will enjoy it throughout until you choose to switch to some other plan or you stop the application submission to your site.

Pay Per Listing (PPL)

If you choose this plan, you will be charged Rs. 1000 a month irrespective of number of application you get. It will be flat and does not depend on number of candidates you get from out site. It is of a fixed duration of one month and if you choose to be continued with this plan you will be charged Rs. 1000 per month.

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