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Build online resume and get it's benefits
Posted by Raushan Singh on 13 August 2012 09:59 AM

You don't need to upload your document type resume at HireGenius. Instead of this when you complete your profile, an online resume is created which can be searched by the recruiters easily. It is made possible by generating a specific url for each and every candidate who are registered with us and have completed their profile.

Conventional document form of resume Benefits of dynamic url generated resume
You have to send resume after each and every updation that you make. You don't need to send resum after each updation,just make these updations to your profile.
Only you can forward your resume to different recruiting locations. You can share your url with your friends and using this url your friends too can forward your resume.
If some recruiters searches resumes for your profile, they have to undergo with a bulk of offline resumes. Anyone can search your profile by just going to that url which is provided to you.
You will have to add any recomendation or seal that you will get from HireGenius. It makes updation an overhead. Any recomendation or seal or any updation that you get in future will be automatically updated to url based resume.


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